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The Spice Council



Sri Lanka to be within the top five branded and value added spices and allied products marketers in the world



The mission of The Spice Council is to facilitate and implement Competitive Strategies to achieve the Industry Vision.

The Spice Council to act as the Apex Body to meet the aspirations of stakeholders by unifying their efforts to realize the Industry Visioin.

To be highly innovative and customer value driven.

To promote the Global Market Position of Sri Lanka and contribute to National Economic Growth


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The Spice Council Executive Committee members for year 2014/2015

Board Of Management


Front Row: Left to right
Ms. Dinusha Mahagamage (Executive Officer), Mr. Vijayantha Ariyaratne, Mr. Anver Chatoor,
Mr. D.A. Perera (Past Chairman), Mr. Sarada De Silva (Immediate Past Chairman),
Mr. Nanda Kohona (Chairman), Mr. Sanath De Silva, Prof. Jayasiri Lankage,
Mrs. Nilanthi Wijewickrama

Back Row: Left to right

Mr. Damitha Perera, Mr. Janalal Rodrigo, Mr. Chathura Abeyratne, Mr. K.R. Dayananda,
Prof. Upali Jayasekara, Mrs. Devi Devanayagam Mr. Dhammika Gunasekara,
Mr. N.M. Wickramasinghe, Mr. Wijitha Jayathilake, Dr. Wimal Wimaladasa,
Mr. Aruna Weerakoon, Mr. T.P.L. Raj



Mr. Nanda Kohona
International Commodity Traders Pvt Ltd 

Vice Chairmen 
Mr. N. K. A. Rupasinghe, 
Director General
Dept of Export Agriculture

Mr. Sanath De Silva 
SDS Spices Pvt Ltd

Mr. Damitha Perera, 
Forbes & Walker Commodity Brokers Pvt Ltd  

Mr. Aruna Weerakoon
Agriculture Trends  Pvt Ltd

Mr. Chathura Abeyratne
Orient Trading Pvt Ltd

Asst: Secretary 

 Mr. Dhammika Gunasekara


Mr. Vijayantha Ariyaratne,
Dax Holding Pvt Ltd

Asst: Treasurer

Mr. T. P. L. Raj,
Erin Tech Pvt Ltd

Immediate Past Chairman

Mr. Sarada De Silva

Past Chairman

Mr. D. A. Perera, 
EOAS International Pvt Ltd


Exporter Representatives

  • Mr. Nanda Kohona, International commodity Traders Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. Sarada De Silva

  • Mr. Sanath De Silva, SDS Spices Pvt Ltd.

Producer Representatives

  • Mr. A. D. W. K. De Z. Jayatilleke
    Dassanayaka Walauwa Plantation

  • Mr. N. M. Wikramasinghe, Tropical Island Products Pvt Ltd.

  • Prof. Jayasiri Lankage.

Processor Representatives

  • Mr. D. A. Perera, EOAS International Pvt Ltd 

  • Mr. Ananda Kularatne, Citro Essential Oils Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. Gihan De Silva, HDDES Extracts Pvt Ltd

Service Representatives

  • Mr. Damitha Perera,
    Forbes & Walker Commodity Brokers Pvt Ltd.  

  • Dr.Wimal Wimaladasa SGS Lanka Pvt Ltd.

Dealer Representative

  • Mr. M. Inshaf Ishana Spices Pvt Ltd

Government Representatives

  • Mr. N. K. A. Rupasinghe
    Director General, Dept of Export Agriculture

  • Dr. D. B. T. Wijeratne.
    Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture

  • Nominee,
    Ministry of Industry and Commerce

  • Ms. Inoka Nilmini,
    Sri Lanka Export Development Board
  • Nominee,
    Dept of Agriculture

  • Nominee,
    Industrial Technology Institute

Academic Representatives

  • Prof. Upali Jayasekara, Singapore Informatics

  • Dr. Radhika Samarasekera 
    Additional Director (R&D), Industrial Technology Institute (CISIR)

Broker Representative

  • CBA

Industry Experts

  • Mr. Vijayantha Ariyaratne, Dax Holdings

  • Mr. Janalal Rodrigo, P.W Rodrigo Estates Ltd

  • Mr. Anver Chatoor, A. S, Chatoor & Co. Ltd

  • Mr. Chathura Abeyratne, Orient Trading Pvt Ltd

  • Ms. Devi Devanayagam, Devi Trading Company

  • Mr. K. R Dayananda, Silver Mill Group

  • Mr. Dhammika Gunasekara

  • Mr. Aruna Weerakoon, Agriculture Trends  Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. T. P. L. Raj, Erin Tech Pvt Ltd

The Executive Officer

  • Dinusha Mahagamage.


  • Mr. Chamila Perera, EOAS International

  • Ms. Yeshani De Silva, Intercom Exports Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. Viraj De Silva, SDS Spices Pvt Ltd

  • Dr. Janaka Wickramasinghe, Tropical Island Products Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. Dilruk Ranasinghe, General Manager, SLECIC

  • Mr. Janaka Abeyrathne

  • Deputy Director, DEA

  • Head of Research

  • Dept of Commerce

  • Ceylon Cinnamon Association

  • President, Cinnamon Cultivators Association (CinCA), Galle

  • Mathara, CinCA


The Spice Council, Sri Lanka
No. 14, Majid Road, Kirulapone.
Telephone: +94 11 763 5025 / +94 11 268 2834
Fax: +94 11 763 5025 / +94 11 268 2835


The primary objectives of The Spice Council are:

  • To ensure the ability of all Sri Lankan Spices and Allied Products Industry segments to compete effectively and profitably in the spices and allied products markets at home and abroad.

  • To serve as the central forum for consensus building among Producers, Exporters, Processors, Dealers and others involved in Spices and Allied Products and to promote high standards of business conduct.

  • To engage in and promote Scientific Research in the Sri Lankan Spices and Allied Products Industry.

  • To conduct training and development programs at industry level.

  • To be the unifying force in working with the Government to ensure that Spices and Allied Products Industry interests are considered.

  • To carry out the mission and objectives of the Council with the help of democratically developed policy.

  • To initiate annual policymaking through recommendations generated by the Council's Programme Committees:

    • Production Development
    • Research & Development
    • Market Development
    • Government Affairs & Administration
    • Finance
    • Workforce Development & Training
    • Membership Development

  • To refine and approve the committee recommendations and adopt same.

  • To increase production and productivity of growers and processors.

  • To improve the quality, consistency and quantity of supply.